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Walter Ihlefield. Writer, Story Teller

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Controlled Conclusion

"Hawk" Taggart, SEAL Team One
Second in the Banshee Series

WE ARE very happy to announce the arrival of the second in the Banshee Series.  "Controlled Conclusion" is being sent out to reviewers across the country.  This page will offer reviews and comments from our readers.
WHEN his best friend is murdered, the Banshee seeks revenge...His way!  But the list of names found in the victim's pocket means there's more to this than murder.  Someone wants to get even for a past aggression.  And the Banshee must recruit the help of four other former Navy SEALs he operated with in 'Nam.  Can they stop the murderer before he strikes again?  Go with the Banshee as he races against the clock and his own beliefs and nearly loses everything.  Including his own brother.

"This is Wonderful!  I love these people.  You've got another winner here."  Susan in Virginia
"These two books, "Banshee Rising" and "Controlled Conclusion" would make one hell of a movie."  Barbara in Fla.
"Damn, now...what a wonderful story!  I was totally into it from the first page.  I dare say it was better than ["Banshee Rising"] and I didn't think that was possible.  It was GREAT!!!!!"  Brenda in Ohio
"Police Chief Mitchell Parks is back again for another thrilling tale of the Banshee as he tracks down the man who murdered his friend, Owen "Hawk" Taggart. ... The story is quite intense with many twists and turns that keep you glued to the book wondering why, what, and who. ... The great characters in "Controlled Conclusion" make it a humdinger of a tale.  It's a shade better than ["Banshee Rising"] and that's saying something."  Suzanne Coleburn of "Reader to Reader Reviews"
"Walter Ihlefield has again produced a spectacular masterpiece of action and mystery.  I read this book with the critical eye of a former "spec ops" troop and found nothing negative.  The facts are on the money and he has produced a well-researched, entirely credible novel.  ...  If you like a good murder mystery, have an interest in Native American culture, or need a new hard-core Veteran hero, this book is a must read."  Alicia Karen Elkins, Author, reviewer for GottaWriteNetwork
I have finished "Controlled Conclusion" and am very impressed with your writing.  It is very fast paced and keeps you interested to the end.  When will [Treasure at Eagle Point] be released? ... I may go insist the local library in my area get a copy, too.   Don, West Palm, Fla.

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"Meet life with honor, integrity and determination."  Billy Parks, Lakota Warrior