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Walter Ihlefield. Writer, Story Teller

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The Calico Hawk

     The Dreams started a long time ago.  I had no meaning to associate with them, so I largely ignored them.  Then I became involved with Reiki and ESP and began to study (lightly) the work of Edgar Cayce. 
     The Dreams were centered around a Native American.  My assumption was that he was Shaman.  A Medicine Man.  I don't know what Nation he belonged to and I don't think it really matters.  In the most prominent of these Dreams, Shaman is sitting before a fire.  At his shoulder is Hawk.  It is Hawk who was trying to send me the messages of Spirit.  I am told that Shaman is known as "Hawk of Many Colors."  The messages to be delivered through Hawk were of Spirit.  The divine messages of the Creator.
     Before you start thinking that I am delusional and believe that God talks to me, you should read just a little bit further. 
     It is my belief, because of the messages delivered through Hawk, that we all have the ability and the obligation to listen to the Higher Self.  The Inner Being that is a part of our Creator.  
     These messages from the Higher Self are the same for everyone.  We are all connected through the Creation.  No matter what religion, or for that matter, non-religion, we are all connected.
     The Spirit, the Soul, the Higher Self, The Inner Being.  All are names for the same Entity.  That part of our Creator that resides in us all.  We are not humans with a Soul.  We are Spirits with Human form.
     I invite you now to go to the site of Calico Hawk.  Hawk of Many Colors, Shaman, will explain further.

Dancing with Hawk
Dancing with Hawk

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I hope you never have to ask these two questions..."Where am I going?" and "Why am I in this hand basket?"