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It was Banshee's idea that I write this book.  He urged me time and again to tell his story.  I hope you will enjoy it.

Mitchell Parks was raised by his grandfather, a Lakota Warrior.  He completed BUD/S training in Coronado, California and served our country during the Vietnam conflict.  The Banshee is a culmination of the skills he learned from his grandfather and from his SEAL training. On the outside, Mitch is a gentlemen, in all aspects of the word.  On the inside, the Banshee rests, waiting to rise and be counted.                                                                     
                SEAL TEAM ONE

Mitchell Parks is now a police office with a background in extreme law enforcement.  He is a former Navy Seal, Code Name, BANSHEE. When he discovers the ghost of a young girl in his attic, he resigns himself to find her killer.  The road to this discovery is one in which Mitchell finds the warrior inside must play an important role. With the help of his partner, Detective Dana Warren, and a former SEAL dive buddy, Owen "Hawk" Taggart, they soon reach a point which will rock their small town to its foundation.

"Banshee Rising" is a story of ghosts, crime, laughter, love and justice.

Set in the small town of Bridgeway, Virginia, the  characters come to life, sharing their feelings, exploring life and finding hidden truths of a thirty year old murder and its connection to today.


Meet Mitch and Sara's ghost in the attic of Mitch's house as he searches for the reason of Sara's murder.

Walk with Mitch and Dana as they fall in love and uncover the mystery of the McCafferty family's disappearance.  

You may order Banshee Rising at the following sites. Just click on the links below, they will take you there.


price is $17.99 at the publisher site   'xlibris'

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