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Walter Ihlefield. Writer, Story Teller

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An Excerpt from Treasure at Eagle Point

Here, we read from the four-hundred-year-old log book written by Captain Gerald Sawyer as he describes what he has found on the first day ashore in the New World.  (1617)  The book was found by Sawyer's present-day incarnate in a search for a past life that would change his outlook on God and his own Inner Spirit.

We are ashore in a boundless atmosphere of flora and fauna where my men and I will secure for The Captain Richard Mayhew and The Company of The Master of Wales, certain jewels and coinage, one-half of the bounty taken in the practice of our chosen trade.  These Lands are of significant beauty, the sights and sounds peaceful, and the aromas reaching the nostrils with such an intensity, that, unfortunately, I cannot persuade myself to find the correct words to describe them.  I am at once in awe and in a state of fear, the former being far greater than the latter.  While the immediate surroundings hold for me a stunning Grace and Testament to the Work of the Hand of God, the interior of these lands hold a destiny uncertain to my best conjectures.
I have sent the Men in my Company into the interior in an endeavor to secure a place in which to carry out the task set upon us by The Captain Mayhew.  That task a simple one asking that we bury our Pirated Bounty inside an excavated opening in the Earth from the shore inland in the fashion of a Tunnel, such as that required to remove the Earth's riches.
The opening in the Earth will be of sufficient length to house those bounties secured thus far, and for those taken at later times, as well as to deter those who would seek out our treasures should our efforts be discovered by any Person walking the Territory or along the beach.  The time involved I estimate to be months, for there will be much preparation before the first ounce of soil is removed.  A shelter from the wilds of this region and the unknown and certainly inconstant conditions of Weather will be first and foremost in my planning, as will the procurement of food and drink, for the provisions brought ashore will last only a few days.  To that end, the area abounds with various species of game animals, and I am certain that a source of water will be found, even if the first handful of soil lifted is to find the water table beneath our feet.

If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.