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Walter Ihlefield. Writer, Story Teller

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Codename: LAKOTA

The much-awaited third in the Banshee Series is back "in progress."  The Banshee is again tested in battle, and in his own home.  Here is a brief look at the first chapter.  (You will also learn how Mitchell became known as the "Banshee.")

Codename: LAKOTA

Shortly after midnight,the brief lightning flashes lighted my bedroom.  The thunder rolled in the distance.  Compared to the flashbacks of the Rung Sat Region in 'Nam, it was a peaceful night.

I noticed the underlying thump of a drum, sounding nearly as steady as my heartbeat.  The steady beat of the drum slowly became louder.  I had been in bed only five minutes, so I knew this wasn’t a dream.  To make sure, I raised my right hand and looked at it.  I turned it left, then right, and let it fall to my side.  I felt the bed move slightly when my arm landed beside me.

As the steady beat grew louder, I felt it matching my heartbeat, synchronizing itself with my inner being.  I could feel the heat of the vision slowly invading my senses.  I let the time of my youth fill my thoughts.  A time when Billy Parks took it upon himself to continue the legacy of the Lakota Sun by instilling in me the importance of keeping one’s honesty, integrity and determination, and the Spiritual means to do so.

I let myself settle in bed, finding the most comfortable position, and let the image of the Sign of the Power of One move around me and then away from me, cleansing the bedroom of negative energy.  I wanted no wayward Spirits interfering with this vision.

In this vision, I walked the path from the tipi to the mako hloke, the cave, of the Spirit of One.  I could see the boulders and sand, and I could feel the air around me growing warmer.  The Spirit of Hawk flew overhead.  Bear stepped out in front of me.

“You have found us again, Misunkala.”  Little Brother.  “The Way is Truth.  You must not let your Spirit wander from the Way.”

“Thank you, Ciye.  Big Brother.  “I always seek Truth.  It is not always easy.”

Bear nodded.  “It will be difficult, Misunkala.  Do not see with your eyes, but with your heart.”

Pilamayaye, Ciye.  Thank you, Big Brother.

As I walked further, I saw Wolf standing in my path.

“Remember tiwahe.  Remember family.  Your path will cross another who is family.  Do not turn, but share your heart.”

“I love my family, Wolf Spirit.”

Wolf smiled.  “Remember your words, and do not let them float on the wind.  Hold your words sacred in your mouth and in your heart.  Remember tiwahe.

“Thank you, Sumanitu Taka.


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