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Walter Ihlefield. Writer, Story Teller

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The Characters of Bridgeway, Va

"Banshee Rising" and "Controlled Conclusion"

Mitchell Parks, former Navy SEAL, (Code Name BANSHEE) lives in the small town of Bridgeway, Va.  It's a far toss from the jungles of the Rung Sat Region of Vietnam, where Mitch gained his reputation for being the best Warrior ever to come out of Coronado, California, to the quiet setting of this peaceful little town.  Mitch is a member of Bridgeway's police department and the Banshee has had very little temptation to come to the surface.  But make no mistake...The Banshee will Rise when the occasion demands it.  Billy Parks, Lakota Warrior, was Mitchell's Grandfather.  He raised Mitch after the death of his parents and "meets" with him occasionally in dream-state or in Spirit Ceremonies to advise or warn Mitch of impending situations.  Dana Warren is the only detective on the Bridgeway force.  She and Mitchell have become really close since she moved here from Richmond, and it's obvious that there is more to their relationship than "10" codes and wanted posters.  Mark Dooley owns and operates the only restaurant in town.  Until 1966, he owned "Dooley's Studebaker," then converted his building to "Dooley's Restaurant" after the demise of the Studebaker-Packard Corporation.  His menus are never opened by "Bridgewayans."  They all know to order "Whatever's in the pot."  Sara McCafferty resides in Mitchell's attic ("Banshee Rising").  She was murdered in 1966 and has requested that Mitchell find the person responsible for her death.  Owen Taggart, known as "Hawk," is also former Navy SEAL.  He and the Banshee were in 'Nam during the conflict and secured a friendship that would last for decades.  Mason Baker is the town's foremost authority on Studebaker.  He worked for Mark Dooley as a bodyman, then opened "Baker's Stude Repair" in May of 1966.  Michael Parks is Mitchell's brother, introduced in "Controlled Conclusion."  He was also a SEAL (Truck) and had been living on his own on thirty acres in the county.  Until the death of a friend brought him to Mitch's side with the intent of combatting a common enemy.  Clarke Barnes is also on the Bridgeway police force.  He's over six feet tall with shoulders broad enough to touch both jambs of a standard doorway.  His presence at any disturbance gives the prospective law-breakers a change of heart.  Mrs. Early, a retiree from Fort Eustis, tends to the phones and the radio at the police station.  When things are slow, she reads James Bond novels.  James Foster, "Snake" and Thomas Stoups, "Handle" join Mitch and Michael in "Controlled Conclusion."  The four of them stay just ahead of the FBI in a murder investigation.

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